Venez nous rendre visite à Bouzy !

Nous vous ferons découvrir la gamme de nos vins au cours d'une dégustation commentée, ainsi que d'autres produits régionaux et souvenirs de la Champagne.

We'll introduce you to our range of wines thanks to a guided tasting, and you'll can discover other regional products and souvenirs from Champagne.

 Les chiens ne sont pas acceptés au sein de notre boutique. Dogs are not allowed in our shop.

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CLOSED Sunday, public holidays and the 22nd of January, Saint Vincent's day.

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Wine Trails: Champagne houses to visit

See which Champagne houses to visit on your wine holiday, taken from Lonely Planet's new book Wine Trails.

Champagne E Barnaut

The bustling village of Bouzy is unique, since many winegrowers here exercise their right to make the non-bubbly Bouzy Rouge, a PinotNoir that is expensive because, as one grizzled vigneron moaned, ‘we could be making a lot more money by selling the grapes for Champagne!’ Philippe Barnaut is a fifth-generation winemaker with strong ideas: ‘People used to talk always about Le Champagne as a homogenous product, but what interests me is the diversity of Champagne. I vinify each parcel of each terroir separately before moving on to the crucial assemblage. Twenty years ago I was treated as a heretic, but now everyone is following this like a new fashion.’ Philippe has taken the daring step, for a Champagne producer, of opening an Aladdin’s-cave store for wine tourists in an ancient house that sits above four floors of cellars. Apart from offering tastings of his outstanding range of Champagne, the rustic wooden-fronted boutique stocks delicious regional foodie specialities – wild-boar pâté, lentils, mustard from Reims – and a kaleidoscope of wine gadgets.

A wine education at Champagne Barnaut!







At the Barnauts in Bouzy, you do not visit the cellars, but rather a very special shop, where you can buy an array of products from the Champagne region.


Laurette’s cellars are not licensed to receive visitors. But never mind! The winemaker has found another way to promote her champagne - in her unique shop. She offers visitors a tasting of no less than seven champagnes: "My customers will learn that Chardonnay gives lightness to the wine like a painter gives colour to his canvas."

Laurette explains the techniques involved in blending and vinification. There are explanatory illustrations on the shop walls.

"Receiving visitors in a different manner"

"Here you come in when you want, I like to take the time to talk to people and establish a kind of question and answer exchange. I always like my customers to learn something new. My customers leave with sheets that they can use at home when they try my wines.”

The sheets contain information about the composition of the wine, the senses involved in its tasting (eyes, nose and palate), and how to enjoy it (with food or on its own). The champagne house also sells red Bouzy and rosé "the maceration of rosé is shorter, it’s a still wine.”

A place of tradition

She also provides her own guides with useful addresses and hands them out to her visitors.  She has brochures in various languages for tourists.

You’ll find anything and everything in Laurette’s shop! Local products: mustard from Reims, whisky, oil, lentils, pâté with Ratafia, as well as the latest gastronomic innovations such as violet-flavoured rice-pudding and crystallized flowers. When immersed in the champagne, the mimosa gives the wine its yellow colour and can be eaten from a full flute of champagne with a spoon!  Here, there are plenty of new tasting experiences to be had!

 "I like things to be enjoyable and fun. I'm happy when my customers are happy, and they tell me they’ll be back."

 Visitors can purchase specialty wines from other parts of France.

Laurette also sells jewellery and creations from the region’s artisans.


The champagne brand was created in 1874 by Edmond Barnaut.  In 1900, there was already a shop in the same spot in Bouzy. In 1970, it was a grocery store. Laurette continues to perpetuate the tradition of the place.