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Vintage 2011 Grand Cru



The imprint of a harvest

This is a Champagne for very special occasions and best enjoyed with a few other lucky wine lovers.  

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Selection Brut Nature Grand Cru



Purity of the Terroir

Pure and powerful, this champagne is definitely one for the connoisseur.  It can be enjoyed on a clean palate before a meal, or paired with seafood and shellfish,  when it will bring out 

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Grande Réserve Brut Grand Cru



Family Heritage

This Champagne is perfect for any drinking occasion, from 'tea time" to dawn! It can be served as an aperitif, or paired with grilled fish and even poultry in a sauce or stew. 

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Blanc de Noirs Brut Grand Cru

For 3 bottles

* €26.10 per 75 cl bottle

Quintessence of Pinot Noir 

Perfect with food, including roast beef or wildfowl. 

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Blanc de Blancs Brut



Chardonnay Brilliance

An original blend of 100% Chardonnay from the Bouzy Grand Cru and La Brasles in the Marne Valley. 

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Authentique Rosé Brut GrandCru



A food-friendly champagne

This champagne can be enjoyed throughout a meal.

It can even be paired with a platter of strong-flavoured cheeses. 

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Cuvée Douceur Sec Grand Cru



Gourmet sensation

To respect the tradition of Champagne served at the end of a meal, this cuvée can be enjoyed with fruit desserts (figs, pears, red berries).  However, it will also create a balanced pairing with foie gras, bringing a light touch to the start of a festive meal. 

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Bouzy Red Vintage 2004



This Bouzy, very typical of the terroir, is intended for ageing.

Perfectly at home with a simple platter of charcuterie, but also at ease with all types of game. It makes a refined, eccentric pairing with a red fruit tart, creating an interplay of freshness and aromas. 

"Nuances du Terroir" (shades of the terroir) Discovery Box


1 Grande Réserve + 1 Blanc de Noir + 1 Selection + 1 Blanc de Blanc  + 1 Authentique Rosé + 1 Cuvée Douceur

Explore our range through these 6 Champagnes. All are stunning when served at special occasions...